The McKnight Crossing shopping center, established in 1979, has been a cornerstone of Grass Valley for nearly four decades.

As we approach its landmark anniversary, we are reimagining this cherished space, infusing it with the spirit of unity, innovation, and respect for our town’s rich heritage.

Our name, ‘McKnight Crossing’, pays homage to the significant miner, George Knight, who once contributed to the veins of gold that ran beneath our streets. This center is more than just a shopping destination; it stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of the pioneers. 

Recognizing the importance of communal spaces that foster connection, we have designed McKnight Crossing to be a place of unity. By thoughtfully curating a blend of both national and local retailers, we provide a diverse range of shopping and dining options. This fusion not only celebrates the unique flavor of Grass Valley but also aims to reduce the need for our residents to commute to Nevada City for their needs.

Our commitment to the town goes beyond retail. Commissioned local artists have captured the beauty of Grass Valley, adorning our walls with murals that mirror the enchanting landscapes outside. These artworks bring the surrounding splendor of Grass Valley right to the heart of McKnight Crossing.

As we make improvements, our driving philosophy is to strike a balance between modern needs and historical roots. We evolve, not for the sake of change, but to enhance the experience for our patrons and ensure McKnight Crossing remains a treasured locale for generations to come.