Student Veterans of America

Student Veterans of America® (SVA) elevates the academic, professional, and personal development of veterans in higher education through chapter programs and services, outcomes and impacts research, and advocacy at every level. With a mission focused on empowering student veterans, SVA is committed to providing an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Through a dedicated network of more than 1,500 on-campus chapters in all 50 states and three countries overseas representing more than 750,000 student veterans, SVA inspires yesterday’s warriors by connecting student veterans with a community of dedicated chapter leaders. Every day these passionate leaders work to provide the necessary resources, network support, and advocacy to ensure student veterans can effectively connect, expand their skills, and ultimately achieve their greatest potential.

SVA’s National Headquarters oversees the provision of programs and services that empower student veterans to succeed to, through, and beyond higher education by focusing on the chapter-centric life cycle of student veterans. In order to lower technical barriers to success, SVA’s team of legislative and policy experts oversees advocacy efforts including preserving the integrity and evolution of the GI Bill. As a data-driven organization, SVA’s research arm collects, analyzes, and interprets data from national partners as well as institutions and chapters, and then tells the story of our nation’s most talented group of college students.

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