Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering wounded veterans and their families. It was established in 2003 with the mission of honoring and empowering post-9/11 veterans who have incurred service-related injuries or illnesses.

The Wounded Warrior Project provides a wide range of programs and services designed to address the unique challenges faced by wounded veterans. These services can be grouped into several key areas:

  • Physical and Mental Health Support: WWP offers programs and resources to support the physical and mental well-being of wounded veterans. This includes access to rehabilitative services, mental health counseling, and programs that focus on physical fitness and wellness.
  • Economic Empowerment: The organization assists wounded veterans in achieving their career and educational goals. WWP provides job placement assistance, vocational training, and scholarship programs to help veterans secure employment and enhance their professional skills.
  • Warrior Engagement: WWP fosters a sense of camaraderie and community among wounded veterans through various engagement programs. This includes opportunities for veterans to connect with their peers, participate in recreational activities, and attend events that promote social interaction and support networks.
  • Independence Program: The Independence Program is a specialized track within WWP that supports severely injured veterans and their families who require ongoing assistance. The program provides individualized support and resources to enhance their quality of life and promote independence.
  • Benefits and Advocacy: WWP assists veterans in navigating the complex process of accessing benefits and entitlements. They provide guidance, resources, and support to help veterans understand and access the benefits and services they deserve.
  • Long-Term Care: WWP offers long-term care and support to veterans with severe injuries or illnesses. This includes assistance with housing modifications, adaptive equipment, and adaptive sports programs to help wounded veterans maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Through its comprehensive programs and services, the Wounded Warrior Project aims to improve the lives of wounded veterans, enhance their overall well-being, and empower them to live full and meaningful lives. The organization is funded by public donations and relies on the support of individuals, corporations, and communities to carry out its mission.


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